History of the School

During 1918 A.D, Kotahena Central College was first established as “Hill Street’s Government mixed School”. The Pioneer Principal of the school was Mr.H.M.Shavier. The School initiated as an English medium school. By the time of initiation, the school comprised of 5 teachers and 194 students. Later, on 1925 A.D, when Mr.A.J.Coorey assumed his duties in the post of principal, the number of teachers exceeded to 8 and the number of students exceeded to 235. Between the period of 1938 A.D – 1945 A.D the school became “Maha Vidyalaya”.But according to the concept of “Central Colleges” introduced by Dr.C.W.W.Kannangara in 1949 A.D, in the constitution of free education the school was converted into a central school and named “Kotahena Central College”.

Later on, the prime minister Mr.S.W.R.D.Bandaranayaka who came into power in 1956 A.D made Sinhala the state language. Consequently, this period was known in the history of the school as a golden era. Simultaneously, racial riots occurred in 1983.The controversy that emerged through the racial riots in 1983 got in the way of this significant victory of the school, by sending the Tamil students to Tamil medium schools.

Although Kotahena Central College excelled afterwards under many principals, there was a considerable sudden withdrawal in the progress of the school after a certain period of time. However, when Mr.Dharmadasa Galabada assumed his duties in the post of principal in 2003, he was able to restore and stabilize the degraded condition of the school. In the face of challenges, he displayed an unflinching courage to bring about a huge progress in the school, during the 13 years of his service period.

Today the school gradually strides forward broadening the horizons of the students, in keeping with the modern technology. At the same time there is an out-standing development not only in the teaching learning process, but also in the extra-curricular activities of the school. The giant behind all these present developments is the present principal of the school Mr.Mohan Weerasingha. Due to the dedication and the courage of the former and the present principals the school “Kotahena Central College” now holds a special position among the national schools in the Colombo district.
Former Principals
Mr.H.A.Shevier Mr.A.J.Coorey Mr.B.G.R.Fernando
Mr.G.M.Jayawardana Mr.A.C.B.Mark Mr.W.K.N.Wijethunga
Mr.Edward Dias Mr.S.J.A.Rodrigo Mr.B.S.Kuruppu
Mr.S.I.M.A.Wickramasingha Mr.Weerasingha Mr.W.M.Premachandra
Mr.Dharmasiri Mr.W.D.De.silva Mr.J.A.J.Perera
Mr.W.D.Munasingha Mr.D.C.De Alwis Mr.M.M.J.Bandara
Mr.Dharmadasa Galabada
Maha Vidyala Mawatha,Colombo 13


Kotahena Central Collage,
Maha Vidyala Mv,
Colombo 13.


Telephone Number – 011 232 4275
Fax Number – 011 232 4275
e-mail Address – kcc1918@gmail.com